Tricks To Find IP Address Information

Ok, we are going to teach you some crazy tricks here to find IP address information about yourself or someone else online.

Your first step is figure out if you want to find your internal or external IP. We will cover the external IP address first as it might be the very reason you found this information to start with.

To find IP address that is external go to our My IP site and see everything there is to know about your address. Host, Organization, Operating System and Browser are all part of the report we show you for free!

That trick is the quickest way to grab your external IP and make use of it. If you have someone else’s Internet Protocol and you want to find IP address information for them, check out our IP address lookup to search and see what is revealed about them.

Is the external IP not your thing? Maybe you are after the internal address of your computer then! Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OSX, and Unix or Linux users are in luck. Let's have a little chat about how you find IP addresses for these desktop software OS versions.

Find IP Address On Operating Systems

Exclude the parenthesis on the commands. Those are used to highlight the command used to find a internal IP on the operating system.

Find Linux IP Address

Go to the command prompt and enter “ip addr show”.

Find UNIX IP Address

Go to the command prompt and enter “ifconfig”.

Find Windows 7 IP Address

Click start and then all programs. Click accessories and then the command prompt. Enter “ipconfig”.

Find Windows 8 IP Address

Press Win-r and type cmd and press enter. Type “ipconfig” and the command prompt.

Find Mac OSX IP Address

Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences. In System Preferences select Network and select a network port from the available options on display. Hint, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Airport are options. Select one of them and you will find IP address information for your internal connection.

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