Tip: Hide Your IP Address Online

There can be many reasons that you will want to hide your IP address online while surfing the Internet. If you want to stay anonymous online so that websites will not be able to track your browsing habits or so for legal enforcement officers who do not want their IP address shown to those who they are tracing. Most all websites do log your visit and what you did on their site when you visit to gather sensitive information mostly for advertising.

When it comes to hiding my IP from others, our tip is to use a time tested software that thousands count on to hide my ip address these days. This software makes use of thousands of proxy servers in a convenient installable software version . When you connect through the Hide Your IP Address software it will use their servers as the visiting IP address and will pass along your IP address! Other products will, but our tip is to use this trusted brand from our experience.

So what are proxies like we have mentioned? Here are a few brief descriptions of a several different proxy types. A transparent proxy will pass along your IP address and will show your identity, but the software we recommend does not use that kind. They instead use an anonymous proxy which does not pass along your IP address!

If you install Hide Your IP Address on your computer you will be able to download IP hiding software now. You will find that it works faster than the other browser-configured plugins or proxy servers and it will guard your data and identity over the Internet. This software is so great, that it even helps people visiting in a certain country need to appear as if they were back at home to access certain sites!

Hide Your IP Address Online Right Now

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