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Test your internet speed today using our bandwidth speed test here on IPAddress.com. It is very easy to use, just click "Begin Test" and allow sufficient time for the speed test to run.

Our broadband speed test is fully online, and in real time. After starting your test, give it a few minutes to complete and present the results for you. During testing, our connection checker will simulate download and upload speeds that your bandwidth can handle and report the findings.

Depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the time of day when your run the bandwidth speed test online, you can receive different results based on how much network traffic is currently being experienced between testing locations and your computer.

Sometimes it is good to compare multiple speed tests to get a better picture of how your connection really performs. Different tests run from different servers and latency is dependent on where those servers are located in the world and how many people are accessing them at the same time you are.

It's fast, fun, and gives you the ability to run your own bandwidth speed test anytime you want to compare results and know just how fast your internet connection is. Bookmark this page in your favorites so you can come back often and get an average comparison of your speed results across several days. If you are very technical, we suggest testing your connection once a week to make sure your ISP is performing up to standards.

You can also perform an IP lookup on a testing server if you have the IP address of that server. You can see more details about the server and where it is hosted at or run a ping test to see how fast a server responds.

The Speed Test requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

Latest Speedtest Results

IP Address ISP Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate Latency/Ping
93.181.12.x mr. net services GmbH & Co. KG 334 Kbps 41.8 KB/sec 267 Kbps 33.4 KB/sec 64 ms View Report
93.181.12.x mr. net services GmbH & Co. KG 416 Kbps 52.0 KB/sec 501 Kbps 62.6 KB/sec 55 ms View Report
93.181.12.x mr. net services GmbH & Co. KG 618 Kbps 77.3 KB/sec 891 Kbps 111.4 KB/sec 64 ms View Report
93.181.12.x mr. net services GmbH & Co. KG 562 Kbps 70.3 KB/sec 520 Kbps 65.0 KB/sec 50 ms View Report
93.181.12.x mr. net services GmbH & Co. KG 499 Kbps 62.4 KB/sec 1,280 Kbps 160.0 KB/sec 50 ms View Report
112.204.208.x Philippine Long Distance Telephone 687 Kbps 85.9 KB/sec 618 Kbps 77.3 KB/sec 357 ms View Report
93.181.12.x mr. net services GmbH & Co. KG 528 Kbps 66.0 KB/sec 1,586 Kbps 198.3 KB/sec 73 ms View Report
36.79.243.x PT Telkom Indonesia 233 Kbps 29.1 KB/sec 379 Kbps 47.4 KB/sec 469 ms View Report
176.248.86.x Sky Broadband 2,824 Kbps 353.0 KB/sec 400 Kbps 50.0 KB/sec 41 ms View Report
84.188.105.x Deutsche Telekom AG 1,198 Kbps 149.8 KB/sec 526 Kbps 65.8 KB/sec 107 ms View Report
130.255.69.x Super Link Communications Co. Ltd 1,065 Kbps 133.1 KB/sec 204 Kbps 25.5 KB/sec 81 ms View Report
68.43.28.x Comcast Cable 6,473 Kbps 809.1 KB/sec 4,793 Kbps 599.1 KB/sec 121 ms View Report
117.214.67.x BSNL 351 Kbps 43.9 KB/sec 345 Kbps 43.1 KB/sec 204 ms View Report
71.183.254.x Verizon FiOS 21,009 Kbps 2,626.1 KB/sec 13,129 Kbps 1,641.1 KB/sec 102 ms View Report
85.229.150.x Bredbandsbolaget AB 16,253 Kbps 2,031.6 KB/sec 37,977 Kbps 4,747.1 KB/sec 44 ms View Report
90.164.80.x Orange Espana 369 Kbps 46.1 KB/sec 312 Kbps 39.0 KB/sec 80 ms View Report
86.56.202.x LIWEST Kabelfernsehen Errichtungs- und Betriebs Ge 15,132 Kbps 1,891.5 KB/sec 991 Kbps 123.9 KB/sec 30 ms View Report
121.62.207.x China Telecom Hubei 265 Kbps 33.1 KB/sec 1,157 Kbps 144.6 KB/sec 310 ms View Report
5.233.149.x Iran Telecommunication Company PJS 493 Kbps 61.6 KB/sec 225 Kbps 28.1 KB/sec 215 ms View Report
204.237.1.x Xplornet Communications 6,838 Kbps 854.8 KB/sec 908 Kbps 113.5 KB/sec 239 ms View Report
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